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STEP 3: Blink code identification and system response

  1. If you are unsure how to read ABS Blink Codes from the ECU, start by familiarising yourself with diagram below, and then, where appropriate, follow the step by step procedure in the table
  2. If additonal information is required, refer to the downloadable document titled, 'Blinkcode of Vario Compact Trailer ABS'.
  3. Please ensure all necessary Health and Safety precautions are implemented before commencing any repair work

Wabco VCS version ECU

Wabco VCS version ECU

Explanatory notes on the blink code

With the development of the Vario Compact ABS (VCS) WABCO, have made it possible to access blink codes in the ECU using either:

1. Normal mode, or
2. Expert mode

Normal mode - automatic display without auxiliary equipment with integral LED

The normal mode gives a quick and simple display of the current faults without any auxiliary equipment such as flash code plug or tester. The flash code LED in the ECU starts up immediately a fault occurs. Only the faulty components will be displayed and they can be clearly matched to the figures marked on the ECU casing (see diagram above for reference).


Examples (using Normal mode):

The LED on the ECU flashes 6 times.
The faulty components is YE 2 (sensor YE 2).
Result: The sensor or the cable from socket YE 2 is faulty.
The LED on the ECU flashes 5 times.
The faulty components is BU 2 (sensor BU 2).
Result: The sensor or the cable from socket BU 2 is faulty.

When the fault has been cleared the flash code LED automatically goes out after the ignition has been switched OFF and ON again

For further information on the Wabco Vario Compact system of blink codes, and, in particular, how to access blink codes using Expert mode, please refer to the document:

'Blinkcode of Vario Compact Trailer ABS'.

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